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Why you should change your major in college

A piece of arbitrary and probably pretentious advice: you should not trust anyone who did not change their major at least once during college.

This might seem biased because I have, at various points during my college career, had six different majors and minors. My first intended major was Mechanical Engineering, which I stuck to for 3-4 weeks during my freshman year. Then I switched my major to Computer Science. For fun, I added a creative writing minor, which became an English minor, which finally became an English major. This is a visualization of all the classes I took during my time at Cornell:

I am finishing Cornell this Spring with majors in English and Computer Science and a minor in creative writing (my minors in Portuguese and Medieval studies did not make the cut).

No one can know what they want to do with their life at 18. I do not even think anyone can really know at 22. I thought I knew exactly what I wanted to do with my life when I was writing my college application essays, but now, at 22, I have less of an idea of what my future looks like than I did at 17.

And that’s ok. What I do know is that during my time at Cornell I took many interesting classes, spent an amazing semester studying abroad, and somehow even ended up with a job after graduation. So even though picking a major seems like a monumental decision, your major will end up being less important than you think it is.