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What is Cornell Data Journal?

Founded in Fall 2020, Cornell Data Journal is an online investigative journalism publication featuring data visualization, data communication, and interdisciplinary research pieces.

  • Individuals or teams collaborating on articles
  • Published on a rolling basis
  • Skillbuilding workshops & seminars
  • Building data journalism presence on campus

We're a group of Cornell students seeking to foster a data journalism community on campus. Coders, designers, writers, or students interested in data journalism are welcome to join our community.

What is data journalism?

Data journalism is an emerging subfield of journalism, and often combines data, visual, and narrative reporting into digital stories. Examples include isometric illustrations, statistical explorations, and interactive essays. Think Propublica Data, New York Times Interactive, or The Pudding.

If you're interested in learning more, see how you can get involved with us!

Meet the Team!

Annie Fu

Annie is an Information Science major and English minor. She logs movies she watches, and of the 322 she's logged so far, her average rating is 3.44 stars.

Annie Fu `21

Co-Editor in Chief

Dana Gong

Dana is an Information Science major and PAM minor. She eats oatmeal 364/365 days of the year.

Dana Gong `22

Co-Editor in Chief

Melanie Walsh

Melanie is a Postdoctoral Associate in Information Science. She has visited 9 National Parks and encountered a running total of 0 grizzly bears.

Melanie Walsh

Faculty Mentor

Megan Rochlin

Megan is majoring in English and Computer Science and minoring in Creative Writing. Since 2012, she has written 8 (bad) novels with a total of 377,097 words.

Megan Rochlin `21

Deputy Editor

Liying Wang

Liying is an Information Science major, minoring in Visual Studies and Business. She has lived in Japan for 14% of her life, Canada for 10%, and the US for 76%.

Liying Wang `22

Marketing/Graphics Editor

Andrei Shpilenok

Andrei is a Computer Science major. He owns 3 mechanical keyboards.

Andrei Shpilenok `23

Web Developer

Yun Mi Koh

Yun Mi is a DEA major with a minor in UX.

Yun Mi Koh `21

Marketing Lead