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Geometric Boxes

The elegant geometry behind Rwanda’s COVID-19 pooled testing strategy

Drawing inspiration from multidimensional geometry, scientists from the University of Rwanda have a devised a method to dramatically increase the nation's COVID-19 testing capacity.

Eric Chen Eric Chen Medha Bulumulla Medha Bulumulla Megan Rochlin Megan Rochlin
Artsy Blue Silhouettes of People

On Strangers and Loneliness

Examining the role Familiar Strangers in our daily lives.

Dana Gong Dana Gong Megan Rochlin Megan Rochlin
Dark Map of US

Open Roads & Free Exchange

The Complexities of Motorcycle Culture in Pandemic America

Annie Fu Annie Fu Liying Wang Liying Wang


Back in March, the shiro team invited 50 people from across the world to record their experiences—their activities and their feelings—for 30 days during the (first) peak of the pandemic.

Shiro Team Shiro Team
Wood Thrush Population Map

Wings of Change

The Effects of Climate Change on Migratory Birds

Annie Fu Annie Fu Jennifer Russell Jennifer Russell Daniel Sanderson Daniel Sanderson